Nursing Research Plays Vital Role in all Aspects of Healthcare Delivery

Research Advisory Panel

Nursing Research Advisory Panel Launched at Leadership Conference

It is widely accepted that the goal of nursing research is to achieve better standards of care for patients. Yet, the changing landscape of health and healthcare delivery in the 21st century, makes advancing the scientific base of nursing practice across the globe even more critical.

The Director of Nursing Services (DNS)in Kenya’s Ministry of Health, Dr. Mary Nandili, has placed a high priority on nursing and midwifery research for the country. At the Building Capacity for Nursing and Midwifery Leadership in Africa conference in June, Dr. Nandili encouraged attendees to get involved in research commenting, “Nurses need to be leaders in implementing evidence-based practice as we are the ones who spend 80% of the time with patients.”

The conference featured a dedicated learning track on integrating research into clinical practice to improve patient outcomes. To address this ongoing need for more research, the conference culminated with the launch of a Nursing Research Advisory Panel (RAP) before the conclusion of the conference.

The RAP got underway with a day and a half workshop beginning on the final afternoon of the leadership conference and continued into the weekend. The panel is made up of five representatives from Kenya along with two from the U.S. Institutions represented include: The University of Nairobi (UON), St. Paul’s University(SPU), Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology(JKUAT), Kenya National Hospital(KNH), the Directory of Nursing in Kenya as well as North Dakota State University(NDSU) and Texas Woman’s University(TWU) in the U.S. The DNS from the Ministry of Health and the Director of MBF’s Center for Global Nursing Development serve in ex-officio capacities on the panel.

The panel will meet over the next year. The goal of the RAP is to develop a functional blueprint that will lay the foundation and future direction for nursing and midwifery research in Kenya.

Since their initial meetings, the panel has been working over the summer to develop the survey tool, key informant interviews and focus groups. We will share key insights and updates from the group as their work progresses throughout the year.

As the frontline healthcare workers, nurses and midwives are in an ideal position to lead change and improve patient outcomes. Nursing research improves clinical expertise and clinical practice, empowering us to provide better patient care and quality health outcomes.

We welcome your feedback and encourage you to share research you have done or research topics of interest. Please email us at  [email protected] to share your information. Thank you for being a part of global nursing development!

Yours in Nursing,


Lisa D. Cole, MA, RN

Director, Mary K Center for Global Nursing Development