Relief vs. Development: How can we better serve?

By November 2, 2018Uncategorized

Nurses in low-resource countries constantly face dire and urgent needs regarding patient care. However, in these landscapes of massive healthcare worker shortages and burgeoning populations, patient care must be viewed through a different lens.

Last week, Dr. Robert (Bob) Lupton gave a thought-provoking presentation on this very topic at our Making Missions Work event in Nashville. (We hope you received our email invitation to the live-stream and were able to tune in.) During his presentation he highlighted the difference between crisis needs and chronic needs. While a crisis need demands emergency intervention, a chronic need requires development. When we handle a crisis need with a crisis intervention, lives are saved. However, when we address a chronic need with a crisis intervention, people are harmed.

The Mary K Center for Global Nursing Development addresses the chronic need for better patient care in low-resource countries through development.  We partner with nurses and midwives and work with them to improve their skills.  Why nurses and midwives?  They are the backbone of the healthcare in these countries, delivering the majority of care.   By concentrating on improving nursing education, practice, and leadership, patient care can then be improved at the root of this systemic issue.

If you missed the live-stream of Dr. Lupton’s presentation last week, there’s good news: we saved it for you! Click below to access a video of his presentation and his slideshow, the latter of which can be found under Resources beneath the video.