An Emerging Leader’s Perspective– Improving Healthcare Access for the Underserved

We are excited to continue the story of Danta Bien-Aimé, an emerging nurse leader from Haiti who is passionate about improving the quality and delivery of healthcare in underserved communities. Last week, we shared her inspiring journey from Gonaïves, Haiti to a Fulbright Scholar at Harvard Medical School and some of the lessons she has learned along the way.

“To me, the main issue in healthcare is the access to basic healthcare services for all, especially for the underserved communities.”

Danta joined us live on Friday, August 2, to share what she believes are some of the challenges to receiving quality healthcare and how we can help. For those who could not make it, we have posted the recording below. 

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Yours in Nursing,


Lisa D. Cole, MA, RN

Director, Mary K Center for Global Nursing Development