Malawi Health Officials Join Mary K Center Push for Nursing Leadership

By August 28, 2018Uncategorized

Malawi Health Officials Join the Mary K Center to Push for Nursing Leadership in Africa

Since the Mary K Center for Global Nursing Development is founded on the principle that improving healthcare quality in developing countries is best addressed by improving the quality of nursing, we have been working hard to partner with key people who can help make that happen throughout the world.

We are pleased to report a milestone in this effort. Earlier this year, Malawi’s Minister of Health and Population, the Honorable Atupele Muluzi, fully endorsed and spoke at our Building Capacity for Nursing Leadership in Africa conference held in Lilongwe, Malawi. We see this as a resounding confirmation of our vision.

We also had the pleasure of hosting the Honorable Juliana Lunguzi, MSc, RNM, Chair of the Parliamentary Committee on Health who both endorsed and addressed the record 72 nurses and midwives from all over Malawi, Kenya, and Niger.  We are grateful to the Lord that our vision is now shared by people in key positions to help us accelerate the nursing leadership movement.

Malawi Minister of Health Hon. Atupele Muluzi with the Chair of the Malawi Parliamentary Health Committee, Hon. Juliana Lunguzi

Hon. Atupele Muluzi (L), Malawi Minister of Health with Hon. Juliana Lunguzi (M), Chair, Parliamentary Health Committee


We are going to keep you posted on our progress. Coming soon, you’ll get an inside look into these key areas:

  • What these leaders had to say.
  • Why the future of world health hinges on nursing development.
  • How people of all ages are no longer interested in just reading stories like this; they are becoming part of them.

Join us as we continue walking together with our partner countries towards the shared, long-term goal of improving healthcare and access to it for all people.