Conference inspires and influences thinking and decision making for future of global healthcare

2nd Annual Building Capacity for Nursing and Midwifery Leadership in Africa conference presenters

Motivational presentations on impacting healthcare in Kenya and other regions of Africa highlighted leadership growth and educational opportunities for nurses and midwives.

“Nurses must be seen as leaders, influencers, advocates and change agents… nurses must pursue these roles from the bedside to the boardroom, from the breakroom to the classroom.”

Opening the 2nd Annual Building Capacity for Nursing and Midwifery Leadership in Africa conference, was Truphosa Kwaka-Sumba, Principal-Nairobi campus, St. Paul’s University. In her presentation on Leadership Principles: See the Leader in You, Ms. Kwaka-Sumba shared how just like an African stool has three legs, there are three legs to leadership: personal, people and providence. She emphasized how important the “people leg” is since you can’t lead alone. Further explaining, “if you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go with others.”

Dr. Mary C. Ishepe Nandili, Director of Nursing Services, Ministry of Health, Kenya, was the keynote speaker for the conference. In her remarks, Dr. Nandili stressed the complex and demanding challenges the nursing workforce in Kenya faces every day, emphasizing that nurses and midwives must become leaders of change that not only improves working conditions, but more importantly, improves the care they deliver to their patients. As a call to action, she encouraged nurses and midwives to engage in policy making and leadership opportunities, reminding them, leadership is not about position. Every nurse and midwife should see themselves as having the potential to be an influencer in their work area and beyond.

Conference participants were taken through workshop track sessions anchored on the sub-themes: Nursing and Midwifery Leadership; Nursing and Midwifery Practice and Health Delivery; and Integrating Nursing into Clinical Practice: The Role of Nurses. It was a rewarding and fulfilling experience. Attendees were encouraged and inspired by each other as they shared common leadership challenges and best practices in patient care. There were some compelling research presentations including Raising the Profile of Nurses in LMIC Settings Through Research by David Gathara, PhD, RN. You can view his presentation along with all the presentations on our website. Click here to view them on our Resources page.

This is the third Building Capacity for Nursing and Midwifery Leadership conference the Mary K Center for Global Nursing Development has sponsored — the first in Haiti in December 2017, the second in Malawi in March 2018 and now the third in Kenya in June 2019 Click here to learn more about the 2019 conference experience and see what some attendees had to say about their experiences.

It’s truly an exciting time for all of us to be a champion for the global advancement of nursing education and practice! With changing needs and trends in healthcare each and every day, there is a great need for nursing and midwifery leaders who not only feel empowered themselves but have the skills to empower the nurses and midwives they supervise.

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Lisa D. Cole, MA, RN

Director, Mary K Center for Global Nursing Development