Chogoria Hospital Nurses Now Equipped with the Latest Medical Data

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Nurses in developing countries are the backbone of medicine.  The Mary K Center believes that it is essential, then, to give them access to the most advanced information on best practices.   The Internet is the go-to place for the latest medical news for many.  But what do you do for nurses that work in locations where the Internet is either unaffordable or unreliable or nonexistent?

eGranary is the answer to that question. eGranary, founded in 2000, has been called “The Internet in a Box TM”.  Its goal is to provide training and research materials to be used in developing countries.  Doing so helps bridge the digital divide on a global scale.

It does the job by storing an expertly curated and organized digital library, including relevant medical information, on a local server.  No Internet is needed, yet it acts like the world wide web, only faster.  Users have the ability to comb through more than 2,000 websites, thousands of articles and professional journals, and over 31,0000 books.  In addition, there are 647 nursing and midwifery resources and 44 nursing textbooks stored there too.  What’s more, this warehouse of information is dynamic, allowing users to add their latest findings to the database.  Finally, there is a workable way to bring the latest information to people in the more remote places.

The Best of 21st Century Medical Practices Comes to Chogoria Hospital

Last year, The Mary K Center worked with MBF, its parent organization to launch the eGranary Digital Library in Chogoria Hospital.

Once the servers were installed at the hospital, training began.  Initially, 9 trainers were taught how the navigate the system; now they are training the nurses to make full use of the information.  In fact, they have formed a club that will meet regularly to review progress and issues and determine how to fully use eGranary.

The results of this new resource have already been overwhelmingly positive.  Here is just one response:

“My name is Dennis Ngari, a Nurse educator at the P.C.E. A Mission Hospital Chogoria. 

eGranary has been an efficient pocket library in our institution.  It has made quite a positive tremendous contribution towards learning and it is fascinating how the uptake is growing.  As an educator eGranary has made it easier for me to communicate and pass information to the students.  The digital portable library is the difference that we need in the quest to expand educational technology in our facility. 

Nursing students at Chogoria Hospital use eGranary as Nursing educator Dennis Ngari facilitates their learning.

Nursing students at Chogoria Hospital use eGranary as Nursing educator Dennis Ngari facilitates their learning.

The eGranary installation at Chogoria Hospital is just one way the Mary K Center works to fulfill its vision to advance nursing development.  Transforming that vision into reality can only happen with a team of people who share that vision.  We are so grateful to the Lord for the talented, committed partners at Chogoria Hospital who are doing just that.