An Orphan Defies the Odds in Haiti

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When she was a child, Jovane Jean’s aunt brought her to an orphanage.  She grew up there until she was adopted. Things were looking up and a dream welled up inside of her to do something special. She wanted to become a nurse.

Specifically, she wanted to be trained at FSIL Nursing School because of its reputation for excellence and she had the financial support of her adoptive parents. Then, halfway through her degree, they abandoned her. Completely.

Jovane had no resources, but that didn’t stop her. Her dream was too close and she had come too far to quit. So she decided to write a letter to MBF board members:

I am a senior student at FSIL. I am an orphan. The pleasure is for me to write you for the purpose of a scholarship application. The reasons for my request are multiple, but most importantly, the person who helped me no longer want to continue to pay for me.

 But, I would like to continue my nursing learning. Thank you in advance for your understanding. Receive my most distinguished greetings, Jovane Jean.

MBF responded this with a full scholarship for the remainder of her education, graduating with her BSN in Nursing.

Jovane Jean (second graduate from the left) at FSIL's graduation in November of 2018. Also pictured

Jovane Jean (second graduate from the left) at FSIL’s graduation in November of 2018. Also pictured: Paule-Nise Stanfil, MBF’s Haiti Project Coordinator (center) and Patrick Coughlin, MBF’s Vice President of Partner Engagement, Eastern US (far right).

The following captures the remarkable results for Jovane:

I thank you for your support. FSIL is the best nursing university in Haiti. I’m feeling so motivated and proud to be who I have become today.

Jovane is the perfect example of how the Mary K Center for Global Nursing works: a team of partners, like FSIL, who are helping people help themselves as we advance global nursing.