Our goal is to improve nursing education and practice in low-resource countries.

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MBF works with local churches in developing countries and supporting partners in the U.S. to build sustainable medical ministries serving the most vulnerable and marginalized populations. Nurses play a critical role, not only in the delivery of essential health services, but in strengthening health care systems. By establishing the Mary K Center for Global Nursing Development, MBF is committed to expanding and improving nursing education and practice so that nursing professionals around the globe have the skills, knowledge and competencies needed to meet the unique health care challenges facing the populations they serve.

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INSIGHT: Critical Issues in Global Nursing

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Maternal Mortality Part I: Four Primary Causes of Postpartum Hemorrhage More than 800 women die every day around the world from pregnancy or childbirth related complications. The INSIGHT series on Maternal Mortality was launched in February of this year to bring attention to a critical health problem that affects nursing…

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